• CIA Affair


CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


Weekly Activities1

  • Roll call

    This program is designed to help students practice their leadership and management skills. They are going to learn being independent since they are in their room without their parents to help them in their routines. This program also checks everything that concerns the students’ attendance and welfare. Roll call is one of the most important programs in the camp.

  • Vocabulary test

    Students study vocabularies in their 1:1 classes, but they will focus on word classes for more than two times in their Voca class. Students study and memorize or familiarize 20 words a day and evaluate them. And for those who fail the word test, they are given a time in the evening to conduct supplementary learning.

  • Health check

    Our camp makes sure to check our students’ health condition everyday to prevent them from getting sick in the camp. In case our students get sick, our nurses will bring them to the General Hospital to provide a better care and proper facilities.

  • Self-introduction

    Students are trained to introduce themselves in English for more than three minutes per day. Self-introductory training prepares our students to grow as global leaders who use universal language in communicating.

  • Mission shopping

    Our students visit SM Mall together with our teachers. This activity encourages our students to use English when they do shopping and do their mission together. Filipino teachers will encourage and supervise each group of three or four members and give the mission

  • Diary Writing

    Students write their English diary everyday. Students improve their writing skills with the help of their homeroom teachers checking as they create paragraphs about a certain topic. Students will be able to improve their understanding of writing and develop creativity through constructing their own sentences.