• CIA Affair


CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


Weekly Activities2

  • Room Poster Making

    CIA English Camp cares a lot to cater motivation to our students especially night time, since their minds are tired enough for a long day study experience. Room Poster Making is one of the nightly activities that boosts student's creativity and teamwork.

  • Board Games

    CIA English Camp offers different sports class that would help our students feel comfortable and more fun in mingling different students from different countries. One of the indoor games is playing board games and table tennis to enhance their mental skill and sportsmanship.

  • Filipino game

    Filipino Games is one of the camp activities that is made to introduce Philippine culture to our foreign students in a fun and interesting way. Varieties of games that only happen in the Philippines are going to be played by our students in the camp. It builds friendship and creates great environment for everyone to communicate freely, too.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is one of our sports activities in CIA English Camp. Why do people love to exercise in water? It is because of the physical, social and psychological benefits that a swimmer is going to acquire.

  • CIA Olympic

    This activity is designed to make the students feel relaxed after a long week of studying. This time will give the students a chance to strengthen the friendship that they built since the start of the camp. Everyone will also have the opportunity to show their skills outside the four walls of their classroom through the Olympics that the camp is going to prepare. Fun games will surely make our students forget the tiredness from their studies.

  • Treasure Hunting

    This program is a fun way of providing students some snacks and have villa snack parties. Treasures such as coupons and pieces of papers that indicate the prize should be located by our group of students. This activity will test our students’ cooperative skills and friendliness.

  • CIA program

    Our programs in the camp are always designed for the benefit of our valued students. Each program caters the needs of our students in terms of academics and recreational activities. CIA camp’s priority is our students.

  • Balloon art

    One of the nightly activities is Balloon Making. The purpose of this activity is to energize student's mind which requires creativity. Students have chances to create different balloon designs.

  • Movie watching

    Learning a foreign language is already hard. And the culture is different from your own. So sometimes, you might have trouble understanding what actors are saying, or what they’re doing on the screen. Movie watching can be useful to learn and understand more since you’ll get to learn real English…not textbook English. You will learn English words in context. You will hear how things are said, too.

  • Birthday party

    A birthday party is a party to celebrate the anniversary of someone's birth. This is the time people specially kids enjoy their day of celebration and happiness. It is one ways of people welcoming warmly the new year of another life. In the camp, we celebrate your birthday with everyone and have a lot of fun singing together.

  • English quiz show/Golden Bell

    This a test of general knowledge in which they categorized from easiest, medium and difficult. This activity was mixed with a twist in which students are going to answer each question with the group and with a limited time to think and to answer the questions given. It is really indeed a learning while enjoying.

  • Farewell party

    This is the time of celebration with a mix of sadness. An event full of presentation as a symbol of thanks and gratefulness for the leaving students. This is the time of saying farewell to students before leaving the life in the Camp.