• CIA Affair


CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


Weekend Activities2

  • Departure

    This time of the camp is the saddest since students are going to leave for their country. Everyone is going to bid farewell to their friends, teachers and camp life. This will show that no matter how short the time that they stay in the camp, the friendship they built is really strong and worth missing for.

  • Sinulog

    PIT SENYOR! The Sinulog Festival is one of the most interesting times of the year for Filipinos.Wherever you are in Cebu, you’ll be reading and hearing the catchy phrase ‘Pit Senyor!”’all over. Pit is a contraption of the Philippine vernacular ‘Sangpit’ meaning ‘to call upon’. Senyor, on the other hand, is an endearment to the Holy Infant Jesus of Cebu. Sinulog means ‘like water’s current movement’; it actually describes the dance movement of the festival.

  • Sports

    Sports class increases the will of students to study more everyday. Aside from the Macro skills that they are going to learn in the class, they can also enhance their sports skill and enjoy the physical education to be taught by our sports teachers.

  • Hair cut

    Some of our students’ hair grow really fast especially our male students. This program is designed to groom our students before going back to their own country.

  • Meal

    Food is the most important factor to consider when you study. CIA English Camp provides the best and mouth watering international dishes to our students that we serve from breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ensure that students are happy when they eat their meals.
    Eating the right food for your brain is a smart way to help improve your memory, focus, mood, and prevent mental decline. When students don’t eat healthy meal, it’s harder for them to concentrate at school and to muster the energy for after school activities. By offering a complete and nutritious meal, the students will get the energy they need to power through the afternoon.

  • Nurse care

    The school nurse will have physical and medical check to make sure that the students are healthy and physically fit. Good grooming is also checked in this time. They are always in the nurse station ready to cater the students’ needs whenever they feel something painful or they feel uncomfortable physically.