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CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


Check in detail!

Even for English Camp by big company, do not feel easy before checking the documents with your eyes directly.

113 students left for Language Training, detained in Philippines

Nothing would happen if you checked the documents of SSP, TESDA with your eyes directly.

How to identify 99% authorized company, First


There is SSP, TESDA logo on the website
but not work by clicking?!

99% not authorized one

How to identify 99% authorized company, Second


They showed the permit
but written too small to find?!

99% not authorized one

How to identify 99% authorized company, Third


They showed a document but the name on the
document is not matched with the name of actual company?!


Ex) company name on document “Elephant”, Actual company name “Puppy”

Company name on document : CEBU INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY

Actual company name : CIA(Cebu International Academy)


<CIA TESDA Certificate>

99% Agency or Outsourcing

※Formal SSP Certificate : A certificate to permit to study in Philippines

● What is SSP?

Abbreviation of Special Study Permit

SSP is a kind of permit that Philippine Immigration Bureau permits students to study English in Philippines, which is applied by the authorized education institution to the Immigration Bureau to issue the permit for their students, not applied by student individually. Thus, when you select a language academy for language training in Philippine, you must select a language academy who is an authorized permit registered education institution for SSP issue. So to speak, the education institution who issues a SSP is legal education institution but students who study in the education institution not issuing a SSP may have problems while staying in Philippines or when returning to Korea.

Any institution not showing a SSP or TESDA must be 99% illegal.

Philippine Immigration Bureau asks Korean students to show a SSP or Language academy to show a TESDA regularly or at random. Without this license, as you saw the news “113 Korean students left for language training, detained in Philippines… due to non-payment of SSP commission”, students are defined in detention center and finally deported. In case of deportation, people are never allowed to come to Philippines which may cause a big damage to students. Furthermore, they can be detained in detention center for several months without knowing the reason. So, you must pay attention to illegal language academy not authorized for SSP and TESDA. Every company is promoting “We are SSP and TESDA authorized company”. That’s the reason why you have to check again and again.

Before departure for C amp, ask for the documents whether the company is authorized or not and check it on website directly.

How to identify 99% authorized one, Fourth


Check if it is registered in the website of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Please refer to how to check the authorized company of Philippines as below.

  • Philippine TESDA authorized institution


1. Select ‘Registered Courses’ on TESDA website.

2. Enter the same information as red letters in input box.

3. Select ‘Cebu International Academy’

4. Check the information.

● What is TESDA?

Abbreviation of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

TESDA is a document to check whether the company is duly authorized and registered for language training and school admission to the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, which is a Technical Education Institution that imposes a certificate to the authorized teacher not general teacher and manages continuously.

TESDA Certificate is issued only to the education institution equipped with academy facility, qualification of teacher, required documents. If not, it is a proof that the institution didn’t satisfy the above qualification conditions.