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CIA International English Camp is proceeded with multinational students of more than 4 countries during summer vacation and is a first international camp of Philippines that gives a high frequency of English use and allows students to learn the culture of other country


Best Quality Facility for CIA English Camp

“Crown Regency Hotel”


A hotel, located in the center of Mactan city, 10minutes drive away from Cebu International Airport is the place equipped with all convenient facilities to live and best conditions to study. The inside of room is wide and clean and less damage of insects due to regular prevention and above all, excellent safety than other camp as it is available to have lodging, lecture and meals at one place.

  Basically, room is arranged by grade/gender.

 There are various rooms for 3 or 5 persons and the higher grades use the room with less members.

 The change of room is proceeded 2~3 times during camp period and the change is done according to the request to match with the desired student, if possible.

 camp teacher there is 3 times swimming class a week and you can use the swimming pool of hotel.

 Beside the place for group class, the convenient environments for badminton, basketball, billiard, rest area, shop are provided.

  • Crown Regency Hotel
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