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 Camp Features

CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


  • Do you still send your precious children to the place where Camp students and adult language academy students are studying in the same space?


    After departure for Camp, if you find the difference between photos on the website and the actual facility, do you keep silent?

    Before participation in a camp, be sure to check whether it is proceeded independently or jointly with other program participants.


    CIA English Camp is an authorized English Education Specialized Company who carried out Junior English Camp twice in a year till now since 2003.


    • 1 day 9 times class, 2 times activity in a week

    • High-quality activity

CIA English camp denies to be compared with other company.

1 day 9 times Sparta Class

1:1 4 times, 3 times Group Class, Include Swimming lesson

Luxury Hotel facility

24 hours close care system

Camp Nurse stays 24 hours

Reading program

Management system by teacher in charge

High-quality activity

Original English textbook

100% English speech video

100% personal trend report by week

Activity twice a week

CIA can certify that it is an authorized institution having SSP and 5 TESDAs.   Check the government permit documents ▶

Classification Item


A company B company
Facility Academy Facility CIA 22th years, Mactan CIA Resort Open Building Rent, Own Factility Buliding Rent
Permit Number of time 39th [Real] More than 10 times Less than 5 times
▶Check the company name on the permitted document and the name of camp company! If not matched, there may be a possibility of unlicensed company.
Program Sparta Camp 1:1 learning 6 times Refer to website. Refer to website.
Word memory & test 2 times
Professional physical education class 1 time
(Swimming, Table Tennis, Board games Progress, etc.)
Reading & Library 1 time
Speech & Diary 1 time
Group Lesson 2 times
Volunteer activity O X O
Swimming lesson O X X
Philippine native resides at lodge O X X
Original English teaching materials O X X
Reading program added O X X
English library O X X
Activity per week 2~3 times 1 time 1 time
▶CIA programs made based on 20-year knowhow deny to be compared with other company.
Safety management Camp Nurse O X X
Special education for girl students by nurse O X X
Milk/Vitamin provided O X X
Sanitation/health/ safety education O X X
Number of international staffs 20~22 10 6
▶CIA provides special education for girl students and milks and vitamins for health and safety of students by Korean nurse and two Philippine nurses first as camp company.
Staff Recreation instructor O X X
Boot camp training instructor O X X
Personality training O X X
Education consultant O X X
▶CIA staffs are composed of differentiated staffs from other company and all programs are proceeded by the specialized staffs.
No. of staff Camp management staff 4 1 Combined
Camp team Philippine Average 60~100 1~3 None
Instructor recruit system 7 step system Self recruiting By agency
▶Other company has 1~2 staffs doing camp work as well as other work together while CIA has 4 exclusive staffs only for camp development and proceeding. If you visit our office in Gangnam, you can see our staffs. [7 step system : screening-test-actual teaching-test by competence-examination by part-document screening-training]
Facility Size Exclusive floor of hotel 1.5 times Common use
Facility Luxury hotel facility Partial use Common use
Swimming pool 3places 1places outside
▶Among camp companies in Philippines, there is no company that uses Luxury hotel facility. CIA Camp what we use hotel is Luxury hotel lastest, can work elevator through use a keycard
No. of students participated 2003~2022 Over 7,500 persons Less than 1,000 Less than 200
Follow-up English by phone service 3 months 1 month X