• CIA Affair

 Total-care System

CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program


Student safety system

  • CIA manages students through several steps of safety system and CIA student safety system is a safety system to respond the emergency that may occur during Camp period as CIA camp teachers students closely 24 hours using the advantages of 2 Luxury Hotel.

  • 01

    Camp nurses work 24 hours by 2 shifts (checking the number of students and health in dormitory room once in 1h30min or 2 hours.).

  • 02

    For lower grades of Elementary school, nurse teachers check the sanitation (toothbrushing, washing face) and health (feaver, physical condition, size of meal) and report to their parents every week.

  • 03

    Provides fresh and healthy menu every day with food materials selected By nutrition teachers (02:00 AM : purchase food materials for next day every day

  • 04

    Camp teacher in charge of 12~15 persons are taking in charge of 10~12 students (personal consulting and check personal details 1~2 times a week)

  • 05

    Taking the advantage of operation of local language academy, the academy specialized operation team is involved in the camp and supports instructors and teaching materials.

  • 06

    Hotel security guards work at the main gate of hotel 24 hours by 2 shifts

Epidemics Prevention System


- Outdoor prevention : The mosquito repellent incense at every corner of lighting (away from the reach of children) is installed 24 hours.

- Indoor prevention : Basically homemat is used and in case of roll call, teachers are plug-on personally. In case of spray, we spray it under bed and bathroom before going to bed.

- Other prevention: For students who are bit by mosquito seriously, the mosquito spray is provided.


Treatment after prevention

- School nurse gives a prescription according to a bite. (water spray, bumulin etc)

Security guard/ Safety guard

Security Guard

CIA English Camp is proceeded at safe luxury hotel facilities.

The security guard is working at the hotel gate 24 hours and it is not allowed to go out without The permission of camp operation team.


Safety Guard

Basically, teachers of PE department qualified with life guard are performing swimming and other PE activities and local safety guards are working a double shift in the hotel 24 hours against emergency.