• CIA Affair

 Total-care System

CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program


Student care by teacher in charge

Camp manager stays in the camp. He will control all homeroom teachers and guardian teachers.

Homeroom teachers are students’ man to man teachers. They. Will not only teaching English but also do individual counseling (at least 1 time per week)

Guardian teacher will stay with camp students and will care 8-10 students. They also do counseling at least 1 time per week.

Compliment and Punishment

※ Compliment and Punishment

Award regulation: The award sticker will be given to the excellent student at General Assembly or Graduation Ceremony.

Award Sticker removal : For Red Card, 3 stickers will be removed, and for Yellow Card, one sticker will be removed.

Penalty: The penalty will be applied differently according to the life of students and adaptation level to subject which will be applied to improve a high motivation.


※ Penalty Regulation (Yellow / Blue / Red / Black Card)

Yellow Card : When a student did not have a breakfast, when a student is late to the first class, when a student curses (between friends), when a student eats snack in the room, when a student denies the class habitually, when a poor attitude of student for class is exposed, when a student uses their own languages during class or at English zone.

Blue Card : When a student fights with other, when a student curses (younger student, senior student), when a student misses a class habitually, when a student disturbs other student during class.

Red Card : When a student curses seriously or has a poor behavior, when a student is uncovered due to poor life, when a student does not accept the guidance of teacher, when a student makes an insulting behavior or remarks, when a student had a violence, theft or entered other room (same sex), when a student steals other person’s things

Black Card : When a student entered other student’s room (the opposite sex), when a student gives a sexual harassment or insulting remarks to other student between students

Yellow Card

1~3 stickers : Discipline

4~6 stickers : Write a letter of apology in English after school.

7~9 stickers : English letter of apology, memorize English words

Blue Card

1~3 stickers : Write a letter of apology in English.

4~6 stickers : Write a letter of apology in English, memorize English words, control the free time

7~9 stickers : Physical fitness

Red Card

1 stickers : Physical fitness

2 stickers : Take a step to return to home after discussing with parents

Black Card

1 stickers : Take a step to return to home after notifying to parents

Pocket Money(except for Family Camp)

As the pocket money is not included in total camp cost, the special attention is given to the use of pocket money.
We collect the pocket money of students in a lump to manage. (The basic pocket money + $50 are available but not allowed to have more than this.)

4 Week and 5 Week student : $100 (enough)

6 Week and 7 Week student : $200 (enough)

8 Week student : $250 (enough)

※ In principle, it is prohibited to lend money between students and purchase something instead of other student and if exposed, the penalty will be given to all related students (writing a letter of apology and control the free time). Prohibited even if paid by their own opinion, and when purchasing jointly, the individual price of receipt for each student will be distributed equally.


When using a shop at the hotel, you can buy things by cash or coupon.

When going to SM shopping mall or other shopping mall, 1,000 peso is given to students and after shopping, the remaining money is collected again to manage. (In case of shopping at last week, the remaining pocket money is given to students at once.)