• CIA Affair

 Total-care System

CIA English camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program


Nurse Station  50-60kinds of Medicines

CIA English Camp possesses Specialized camp Nurse as well as the best quality medicines to respond the emergency for children at daytime and nighttime which is operated 24 hours.

Camp Nurse

CIA English Camp has Camp nurse who stays at the camp and manages the health of students. Normally, camp day nurse works from morning to 10:00pm, and then Night nurse will work until morning time.

- In case of hospital treatment, Camp Nurse take the student directly to local hospital.

- Appearance check for lower grades is proceeded when total examination and the education for health is also given together.

- Students with special remarks or request of parents are managed individually by making a list separately.

- When judged the necessity of hospital treatment during camp life, we will report to parents by call and even after treatment, we will call to tell the treatment schedule in the future.

Appearance & Health Check

Camp Nurse and Camp teacher in charge manage the appearance and health check for students. For the student who needs more care, special care will be given by Camp teacher.

- Tooth brushing for lower grade

- Drink 3 glasses of water a day

- Cut a nail and toenail (for lower grades, teachers help them)

- Shampooing / Taking a shower

- Wash your hands using a soap before meal (When checking the meal size, check it one by one.)

- Special education for girl students

- First aid education

Specialized cook

The menus provided during Camp period are made Camp Nutritionist with the well-being and favorite menu of students.

In addition, at 2:00 AM every day, they purchase fresh food materials at the local market to make a food to provide students.

Besides, 3 times snack time a week is provided.