• Family Camp

 Camp Schedule

A deliberate selection to spend the precious and important period meaningfully


Time Monday ~ Friday Saturday Sunday
07:00~08:00 60min Breakfast & Break Breakfast & Break Breakfast & Break
08:10~08:50 1st period 1:1 man to man (Reading) ★Outdoor activity★

-Plantation Bay
-Water sports
-Island Hopping
-Crimson Resort
Morning exercise
08:50~09:30 2nd period 1:1 man to man (Writing) Free time
09:40~10:20 3rd period Native class
(Pronunciation, intonation, accent)
10:20~11:00 4th period
11:10~11:50 5th period 1:1 man to man (Listening)
11:50~12:30 6th period 1:1 man to man (Speaking)


Lunch & Break Lunch & Break
13:30~14:10 7th period 1:1 man to man (Grammar) Free time
14:10~14:50 8th period 1:1 man to man (Writing)
15:00~15:40 9th period Art Class
15:40~16:20 10th period
16:30~17:10 11th period Swimming (twice a week),
Table tennis, badminton,
jump rope, board game
(three times a week)
17:10~17:50 12th period
18:00~19:00 60min

Dinner & Break

19:00~20:00 13th period Speech Training,
diary (Topic English)
Special activity (E1~E2)
Free time

Free time

20:00~21:00 14th period

Self Study



* The above schedule can be changed according to the local situation.