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CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized company who established a CIA (Cebu International Academy) language institute in Cebu, Philippines in 2003 and operated it successfully by Philippine English Camp twice every year till now since 2003.

At the 21st century global age, English is essentially required for various specialized areas such as business, economy, law, education, medical, welfare etc.

CIA English Camp provides the differentiated program from other company through specialized and systematic English education system to improve the effective English ability for students so that they can be grown as a global human resource to meet globalization..

‘The largest number of participants in Junior English Camp’

CIA English Camp starting since 2003 has a good reputation of early closing every time and a CIA own special care system from parents and maintained its disputable first position in the field of Philippine English Camp in Korea. The superiority of CIA English Camp has been already introduced through various medias and magazines and the Camp has got recognition for public reputation through business cooperation with CEBU CIS International School and local education institutions.

Now in Korea, the importance of English is upgraded as equal as Korean native language beyond the second foreign language. English Camp of CIA English Camptries to make students exposed to English environment at maximum so that they can learn English as native language not the second foreign language during the period of English Camp and operates a customized learning system by individual personality and level through scientific analysis and consultation.

CIA English Camp will always listen to the opinions of parents for their children’s education and promise to endeavor to be a milestone for the goal of students toward a global leader.