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CIA International English Camp is proceeded with multinational students of 4 countries during summer vacation and is a first international camp of Philippines that gives a high frequency of English use and allows students to learn the culture of other country.


Cambridge Book

Cambridge (LASS)

 E-Beginner ~ M-intermediate

 Listening & Speaking

 Have each level of 4~5 books

 Practice presentation and Speaking Training & Listening

  - Learning listening and speaking through vary of each situation stories and Improve practical English skills from communicated repeat

Cambridge (Wags)

 E-Intermediate ~ M-Advanced

 Writing & Grammar

 Reading & Vocabulary

 Have each level of 4~5 books

 Practice writing through reading book and grammar

  - Reading & Writing Text books is how to make Grammar Through the words and learn for lots of study pattern naturally

Cambridge Vocabulary

 his book can help you to learn lots of words when you have confidence with communication with others people

 Can helpful to learn easier for who having middle skill learner

 Useful to many each situation terms

 expand learning words quickly

Cambridge Grammar

 Beginner ~ Advanced

 Each level 3 divided

 Grammar class to match student's level from beginner until advanced

 Repeat studies to vary of activity

  - This book help from beginner to advanced of english grammar from elementary until advanced

Integrated Books (Cambridge)

 A four-step American English course that has been used by more than 50 million students worldwide

 16 levels, 4 progress search and grammar plus sections

 Grammar textbook classes level for students from Beginner to Advanced

 Help to improve words and topics to use often

 this book give you make confidence to Communicated about to english who feel speak english tough

Social English Books

 Expose to speak english nature and listen many terms include many accent

 Confirm to pronounce and focus repeat it

 To help understand easily from using Pictures

 Progress to debate class for speaking from using a lot of article at every Fridays

Supplementary book


 Beginner ~ Intermediate

 Listening, Reading

 Speaking, Writing

 Progress Unit, Each 12 books

 Each a textbook for Study Textbooks 3 months

 Have 20 books

 Learning Speaking and Listen through each story of character's story and Improve Communication english skill, Listening & Speaking Textbooks


 Beginner ~ Intermediate

 Vocabulary, Grammar

 Reading, Writing

 Progress Unit, Each 12 books

 Study Textbooks in each books 3 months

 Have 20 books

 Composed of Learn way Grammar how to making with using words and Learn lots of pattern naturely, Reading & Writing textbooks

Tobi WorkBook

 Beginner ~ Intermediate

 LASS, WAGS Workbook

 Progress Unit, Each 12 books

 Study Textbooks in each books 3 months

 Have 20 books

 For improve Student's study skills by workbook for using repeat and LASS/WAGS for previous study