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CIA International English Camp is proceeded with multinational students of 4 countries during summer vacation and is a first international camp of Philippines that gives a high frequency of English use and allows students to learn the culture of other country.


Kindergarten Book 1 : Phonics Monster

Phonics Monster is a course book for Kindergarten and lower grades in Elementary school who want to read English words and sentences after learning Alphabets

 Level 1 : Single Letters (Learn the basic Alphabet phonics)

 Level 2 : Short Vowels (Learning short vowels which are the basic of word

 Level 3 : Long Vowels (Learning long-vowel which is a closing mentor)

 Level 4 : Consonants & Vowels (Finishing phonics through double vowels
and consonants)

Kindergarten Book 2 : BACKPACK

BACKPACK is a course book for kindergarten and elementary school based on integrated textbook contents and task-centered activity to improve the communication skills and 4 English skills of children innovatively. Each unit with interesting topic begins with funny song introducing key vocabulary and grammar.

‘Language in the Real World’ offers vocabulary and grammar through various content areas in the new context and learners can apply the target language in the ‘Value’. When every unit ends, the additional learning related to the topic is available through ‘Review Section’.

Kindergarten Book 3 : I Can speak English

I can speak English! Series is a speaking program for preschool children who want to start English speaking learning and low grades of Elementary school who want to strengthen the foundation of English speaking. .

First, every unit (total 10 units) is composed of 4-cut cartoon that arouse the attention of children. Children speak following the main expressions and approach to Speaking learning easily through several kinds of questions proposed with vivid pictures and photos. Based on speaking, there is a learning corner of listening, reading and writing for integrated repetition learning.

Kindergarten Book 4 : English Travels

English Travel is a English conversation course book. The contents of each unit are subdivided into Vocabulary-Dialogue-Phonics-Grammar but task is mainly focused on listening.

The various learning contents and attractive design arouse the attention of students to study. In addition, the composition of CD is very interesting and the familiar melody gives the quick response to follow the sentence entirely just by humming.

Kindergarten Book 5 : Listening Starter

Students think through core vocabulary of each unit used frequently in a daily life by listening to a short text. They learn core expressions appeared repeatedly through the whole unit, by exercise and practice to pick the correct answer for the sentence they listened and meet new vocabulary related to the topic which helps to strengthen the vocabulary ability and listening training.

Students apply the learned expressions to their experience and share with their partner to practice writing and speaking.