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CIA International English Camp is proceeded with multinational students of 4 countries during summer vacation and is a first international camp of Philippines that gives a high frequency of English use and allows students to learn the culture of other country.


B1 Level : 1:1 Class 1st book and 2nd book

The curious and interesting stories happened actually are provided. First, read the text and learn new words, phrases and idioms. Using the terms suggested, they exercise to make a dialogue form or sentence. Every time a unit ends, they review the learned words, phrases and idioms in the form of picture, game and quiz. At the end, the answers to questions, the use of main terms, examples, synonym and antonym are arranged in dictionary ordering.

Can you believe it? & Talk Talk Talk 1

B2 Level: 1:1 Class 1st book and 2nd book

The actual broadcasted contents extracted from USA National Public Radio broadcasting program ‘All Things Considered’ and ‘Morning Edition’ are arranged and organized systematically. Listening Comprehension displayed with 12 topics helps to make detailed listening training.

- As every topic handles the social problems that USA is facing now and a life of Americans, learners can go for the effect of killing two birds with one stone by improving the listening skills of English and at the same time understanding the values and culture of Americans.

The stammering talk or a way of speaking with local color during interview is seen as it is which gives natural and sense of realism and learners can learn English naturally by analogizing the meaning in the context.

Impact Issues 2nd Edition & SLE2A

I1 Level: 1:1 Class 1st book and 2nd book

Each book has 25 issues and various discussion topics for each issue are offered. Various opinion samples for discussion topic are given to help learner.

For every issue, the related dialogues are attached for learners to learn various expressions of spoken English.

Talk Talk Talk 2 & Express YOURSELF 1

I2 Level: 1:1 Class 1st book and 2nd book

For the advanced learners, the contents seem to be easy but for the ones who have been far away from English for a long time, this course book gives an easy and funny way to go to the advanced from the intermediate with various interesting contents. They can meet English expressions used in USA at present time. The interesting sentences help them learn various expressions.

Learners can learn various phrases and pronunciation through activities such as games, cartoons, role-play, survey and dictation.