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CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


Intensive Man to Man Class (Total 6 times)

    Level Test and consulting with teacher in charge allow us to identify the weak points of students and fill in the insufficient part of students. We identify the insufficient part of students through 4 areas (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) and Grammar and provide the customized class designed by education expert having the strong points of Man to Man class according to the thorough class plan.

Reading and Writing (4 times)

Students can improve the reading ability by reading the contents of various areas everyday and meet the words of various sectors. The features of this class are not simply interpreting the words and memorizing the meaning and putting English knowledge in your brain but understanding the use of words you learned correctly in English thinking method and develop the ability to make English sentences including those words quite freely.

Through the exercise to find a topic of sentence, students can make topic sentence and thesis statement by brain storming and write sentences of different style and express their will and thinking in a sentence. In addition, in this curriculum, the pre-education to write Camp Postscript in the form of essay is provided as weekly differentiated intensive course. The diary revision is proceeded in class and the useful expressions they learn everyday help students to improve writing skills. This class is helpful to improve English writing ability as well as writing an essay in Korean.

Grammar Builder (2 times)

Besides 4 areas (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing), students can learn Grammar Part which is apt to neglect but covers the important part in English use and learn how Grammar is actually applied to actual sentence by making an actual sentence and using it. This course is a program that allows students to speak advanced English.

Group Native Class (2 times)

This class is proceeded by classifying students of similar level by group to provide a synergy effect of learning. CIA English Camp has a strong point to progress classes by making a group of similar level as lots of students participate in the camp, compared with other English Camp. Students of same level are doing a Group Project and Discussion/Debate in English which gives students a motivation and improve the English expression ability and acquire knowledge in various areas. In addition, through Group Class, students can identify their position and capability in cooperation of group members in the group activity and feel the importance of Co-working and develop their own leadership.

Memorization Workshop (2 times)

Group vocabulary class allows students to study 25 words every day. The importance of vocabulary cannot be stressed enough. The best way to study vocabulary is understanding the meaning of words in the English text rather than memorizing English word list simply. Actually, if English ability reaches a certain standard, most of cases students have difficulties when understanding the text and solving the questions due to lack of vocabulary, compared with the case having difficulties when reading and listening due to lack of grammar. In the vocabulary class of CIA English Camp, as most of students have poor vocabulary, students receive intensive learning every day and strengthen the basics of English study by looking at various examples other than memorizing the meaning of words.