• Education System


CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


A leading company of global education for the 21st century

“A Big World dreaming together with imagination”


Students receive an education under the guide of instructors, consulting teacher and other several teachers who understand and respect personal difference and goal and individual desire.

William Butler said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” which shows the best explanation of our education policy. As a teacher who teaches children, we feel satisfied and proud when students teach themselves and are motivated to study or when students light a fire of heart with zeal. However, we understand that we need to wait for students who are

“Genius cannot beat the person who endeavors and a person who endeavors cannot beat the one who enjoys learning.”


CIA English Camp is a program that allows students to have strong self-motivation for English and enjoy learning English with fun and self-direction

We feel proud of making students grow positively as a mentor who understands students and shows good words and correct behavior and we promise to show such attitude.

  • Education Direction

    CIA is making its efforts to make a community where every student can trust and rely on each other like family or neighbors that allows students to strive on their study as well as develop their emotional and social personality.

    • Emotional education

    • Correct and honest education

    • Global education for the 21st century