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 Level System

CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.




CIA Level System is a system designed for user to prepare for the fossilization of language that may stop the language development by repeating the stereotyped expressions and furthermore acquire the language naturally and fully in a body.

1. Features of CIA Level System

01. DAT Learning Method


DAT (Developing the ability to think) is the learning method to develop the thinking ability. This learning method helps students learn rich vocabulary through extension of thinking and use fluent English for various situation variables. This learning method can be completed by EPP (English Pattern Practice) learning method that repeats the pattern of English sentence unconsciously and MAP(Map Association Process) learning method that recognizes English sentences as an image through pictures.

02. Use vary Textbook in each Level


We have the books, level of 7 books which was made in Cambridge, have 4 to 5 level of books in each level, and they are closed in amount of 50 books. And more when you see in textbook's content, These contents are included to trend and academic, so The students can learn English enjoyable.

03. Systematic Level Test


Our Level Test is use from cambridge where they made, and The students take a test according to their level to use amount of 7 levels when in come CIA And After take a test, The teacher set student's classroom where they study from according test result. 7 level systems contents is include in STARTERS, MOVERS, FLYERS/KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE. Education set to level test for lots of textbooks accurately is only possible in CIA, where we still do camp program during 20 years

2. CIA English Camp is based on DAT Learning Method.

  • MAP

    Map association process


  • >> LASS
    teaching materials

  • MAP is an English learning method that recognizes the English sentences in the form of diagram of picture as whole image. This learning method is to raise the memory ability of sentence and improve the association ability to convert in long-term memory and use lots of memories easily.
  • An effective learning method to acquire, store, extract and use the information easily


  • EPP

    English Pattern Practice


  • >> WAGS
    teaching materials

  • EPP is an English learning method that repeats the pattern of English sentence unconsciously. • This learning method helps to learn rich vocabulary and patterns connecting the vocabulary repeatedly and use the application pattern for various vocabularies.
  • A prerequisite learning method for Grammar + Vocabulary of initial step to activate the information and knowledge


  • DAT

    Developing ability think


  • >> VEGAS
    teaching materials

  • DAT is an English learning method to raise thinking ability in English. • This learning method helps to learn rich vocabulary through extension of thinking and use English language fluently for various situation variables.
  • A learning method for active class participation by schema activation and for activation of inferential thinking


3. Specialized and Systematic CIA Level Test (CIA provides ESTEST level test.)

English Standard Test

Level 1 ~ Level 7

Rating to Vocabulary, Grammar ,Listening ,Reading ,Speaking

Submit Random through lots of DB each part and each level

Provide a paper each area of professional

Can confirm to each subject level average of score and studying changed test score

Test time (Personal time, Limit Time)

Can confirm average of score, and distribution of student

Analyze result from each subject rating of detail

Provide all comment according all Result

4. CIA Level System

  • 01. Novice

  • - English? "what is it.."
  • This is for the people who can only use body language, and have no knowledge at all about English. They might know a few words here and there, but that will be all they know. But in this program, We will ensure that your child will have fun while learning the basics of English!
  • 02. Beginner

  • - This level is like just starting to walking!
  • At this stage, people should know how to greet and introduce themselves, as well as be able to form simple sentence structures by combining English words they already know. They have the ability to understand what another person says if they speak the language slowly, and know basic communication skills that are useful for real life situations.
  • 03. Pre Intermediate

  • - This level is able to use simple communication from their life!
  • We will be starting to learn structure of basic sentence when complete to learn basic study. We're let them make sentence actively, study English words sand basic grammar.
  • 04. Intermediate

  • - This level is able to communicate to use English!
  • This level focus is stop to getting worst to English skills, and improve expression of accurate, and learn necessary sentence and variety of pattern to learn English.And this level can learn to variety of English skills to living also.
  • 05. Upper Intermediate

  • - This level is able to debate other people!
  • This level make you to learn major of vocabulary and structure of sentence to speak English fluently. When you are able to getting use words, you can use word, grammar, slang for communication. We make the lesson for learner to improve positiveness and activeness, and get used to learn lesson easier from Group activities and activity classes.
  • 06. Advanced Low

  • - Don't worry to communicate with English!
  • You'll be learning rule of words in sentence of term to go to higher level, and we'll make you can communicate from using extended expression of term language smoothly. We practice the process to learn Advance of Grammar or Sentence for can do logical communication in any situation.
  • 07. Advanced High

  • - Tell free how am I thinking!
  • This Level is make you come out with improve like similar with native skills from study logical and expressive term, so You can expect to lead English in any situation.