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 Level System

CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.




CIA Level System is a system designed for user to prepare for the fossilization of language that may stop the language development by repeating the stereotyped expressions and furthermore acquire the language naturally and fully in a body.

1. Features of CIA Level System

01. DAT Learning Method


DAT (Developing the ability to think) is the learning method to develop the thinking ability. This learning method helps students learn rich vocabulary through extension of thinking and use fluent English for various situation variables. This learning method can be completed by EPP (English Pattern Practice) learning method that repeats the pattern of English sentence unconsciously and MAP(Map Association Process) learning method that recognizes English sentences as an image through pictures.

02. Vast teaching materials of 80 volumes


Tobi Book Series used for CIA English Camp are English teaching materials for daily life of Tobi using a character of ‘Tobi’, composed of 80 volumes to study various topics. CIA has teaching materials for students to study expression-centered practical English required for TOEFL and Academic Topic easily and with fun.

03. Systematic Level Test


English Standard Test (Estest) is a IBT program developed to evaluate an analyze the English performance of students, which evaluates vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, speaking and writing areas by Level 1~ Level 8 systematically and scientifically and classifies the performance by 5 steps and provides the corresponding PLD (Performance Level Description) for each performance level.

04. Total on-off line solution


CIA provides a system for level test, level test result, academic consulting which can be verified at home by on-off line

* Correct education/academic consulting

2. CIA English Camp is based on DAT Learning Method.

  • MAP

    Map association process


  • >> LASS
    teaching materials

  • MAP is an English learning method that recognizes the English sentences in the form of diagram of picture as whole image. This learning method is to raise the memory ability of sentence and improve the association ability to convert in long-term memory and use lots of memories easily.
  • An effective learning method to acquire, store, extract and use the information easily


  • EPP

    English Pattern Practice


  • >> WAGS
    teaching materials

  • EPP is an English learning method that repeats the pattern of English sentence unconsciously. • This learning method helps to learn rich vocabulary and patterns connecting the vocabulary repeatedly and use the application pattern for various vocabularies.
  • A prerequisite learning method for Grammar + Vocabulary of initial step to activate the information and knowledge


  • DAT

    Developing ability think


  • >> VEGAS
    teaching materials

  • DAT is an English learning method to raise thinking ability in English. • This learning method helps to learn rich vocabulary through extension of thinking and use English language fluently for various situation variables.
  • A learning method for active class participation by schema activation and for activation of inferential thinking


3. Specialized and Systematic CIA Level Test (CIA provides ESTEST level test.)

English Standard Test

Level 1 ~ Level 8

Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading evaluation

Internet-based test (IBT)

Setting 2,000 questions by level and area at random

Print out upon completion of application

Customized selection of Curriculum

Record report

Student information, test application level

Average score of level by area (nationwide)

Individual score of student (score by area/ total score)

Student distribution diagram of application level average score (nationwide)

Test time (personal time / limit time)

Position of student personal score (nationwide)

Previous test result score and the test result score of the day

Comparison (by area/ total comparison)

Comparison of previous test and this test

    -(Level average score / Student distribution diagram (nationwide)/ student personal score)

Score by item for detailed evaluation by area and performance rate

Result analysis of detailed evaluation by item (Automatic comment)

Comments of consultant for total results

  • ESTEST Level

  • ESTEST Test (iBT) by area

  • ESTEST evaluation result sheet

4. CIA Level System

  • 01. Piano

  • Piano means ‘tender’ of music terms and on this step we teach the basic skills for learners who learn English. In this step, we intend to reduce the weak points of passive and boring learning by lots of things to learn and accept new language ‘English’ naturally and fun.
  • 02. Breit

  • Breit means ‘broad’ of music terms and on this step, students learn vocabulary and various patterns required for learning English language to learn the accuracy of expressions. We are focusing on blocking the fossilization of dialogue.
  • 03. Expresiva

  • Expresiva means ‘Rich’ of music term and on this step, students learn and accept various expressions required for communication by raising the expression skills of language.
  • 04. Vivace

  • Vivace means ‘vitally’ of music term and on this step, we raise positiveness of activeness of students by Group activity and Activity class to accept and adapt to lots of learning volume and class time easily.
  • 05. Rapido

  • • Rapido means ‘fast’ of music term and on this step, students learn the regularity of words in the expression of sentence and communicate smoothly through the extended expressions of language.