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CIA English Camp is an English Education Specialized Company who leads the English Camp in Philippines based on the long field experiences and verified education program.


CIA Reading Program

Extensive Reading


Extensive Reading is a method to develop 4 areas (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) extensively by reading lots of books in various areas.

In the previous time, English was taught morphologically at the classroom and there was a tendency to classify and analyze the sentence structure.

Nowadays contents-oriented study is a trend and the purpose of English study is also to make learner speak English fluently and unconsciously.

The more you read good books, it will be a foundation of development for fluent English ability.

  • Expectation effect

  • Available to see books you are interested in by level and step.

    Available to raise creative and critical thinking by extensive reading

    The contents of books, background knowledge and dictionary experiences are accumulated.

    Available to acquire various language expressions through your brain by extensive reading.

    Integrated development of 4 areas (Reading, listening, speaking and writing) by extensive reading

    Increase of learning effect

  • Importance of CIA Reading

  • Reading range of academic reports of high school/ English for university admission 80%

    TOEIC/TOEFL/TEPS Reading range 50%

    Contents of textbook for middle/high school

    USA books and biography contents appear

    Prepare for early study abroad in USA or UK (CIA reading materials are USA textbooks)

    Prepare for all the above

CIA differentiated English Reading Program

Items Existing English Library Program CIA English Reading Program
Number of book Offline 2,000 books Offline 3,500 books
Online word learning Partially provided Word learning + must-read vocabulary learning for all books
Book reading (R+L) Extensive reading Extensive reading + Intensive reading (Main book and Special book selected)
Online quiz Provided (quiz by intensive reading) Provided (wrong answer check + reading ability evaluation system)
1:1 book talking (S) Rely on the discretion of coach Tailored book talking materials provided
Writing (W) Book Report Tailored writing materials provided/ Book Report
Worksheet None Tailored worksheet provided (Main book 664)

Features of CIA Reading Program


★AR Level, developed by Renaissance Learning Co., Ltd. indicates the level of books used the most widely in over 45,000 schools in USA.

Before Reading – Word Learning

Main book level

Main book level No. of book by level (664) Representative series by level
Pre level
(AR level 0.6~0.9)


JY first readers, Learn to read,
All aboard reading pictures...
Level 1
(AR level 1.0~1.9)


Authentic Books, Hello Reader, Fly Frog Level,
Step Into Reading Step1~2, Arthur Starter
Level 2
(AR Level 2.0~2.9)


An I Can Read Books, Authentic Books, Henry and Mudge,
Step Into Reading Step 3~4, Mr. Putter & Tabby, DK Readers
Level 3
(AR Level 3.0~3.9)


Magic Tree House, Chameleon, TCM Science Readers, Curious
George, Magic School Bus, A to Z Mysteries, Zack Files
Level 4
(AR Level 4.0~4.4)


Amber Brown, Encyclopedia Brown, Judy Blume,
Blast to the Past, Jake Drake, Encyclopedia Brown, Roald Dahl

EXTENSIVE READING Contents Configuration (Total 1000 books)


Phonics Reading


- Total 38 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 0.5/ Reading level: 1
- Topic : Phonics


Story Reading


- Total 49 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 1.5/ Reading level: 3
- Topic : Science / Math


Story Reading


- Total 90 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 2.2 / Reading level: 4
- Topic : Language Art / Animals


Story Reading


- Total 88 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 2.8 / Reading level: 3
- Topic : Language Art / Fiction / Science


Story Reading


- Total 92 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 2.8 / Reading level: 3
- Topic : Character Ed / Science / Social Studies


Chapter Reading


- Total 91 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 3.7 / Reading level: 5
- Topic : Character / Animals / language art


Chapter Reading


- Total 155 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 4.3 / Reading level: 6
- Topic : Character / Animals / language art


Chapter Reading


- Total 76 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 1.4~5.7 / Reading level: 2~6
- Topic : Language Art / Fiction / Science


Chapter Reading


- Total 404 books
- Detailed level (ATOS index): Average 1.0~8.5 / Reading level: 2~6
- Topic : Character ED / Fiction / Social Studies