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32th CIA English camp K8017 LEE MIN WOO [1]

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I went to Incheon International Airport with my family. I prepared to go to the Philippines on December 23, 2018.It took four hours to traveled in the Philippines. So I arrived in Philippines on December 23 at 11:50 in the evening. I was disappointed to the place where I stayed. I thought I am going to stay in the hotel but in reality was in villa. I wanted to be comfortable, but it was impossible. I was strange and surprised in foreign languages and the people. I think "Will I be able to survive in CIA English Camp. I joined CIA English Camp because I love Math, and I'm good in Math but not in English. I can't have the opportunities to speak with foreign people. My mom said" Why don't you go to CIA English Camp?”. So I went CIA camp. I want to improve my English skills. My first friend in CIA English Camp was Ruben. I met him in my first day here in CIA and asked him how old is he and where he lived. I found out that Ruben is a middle school student just like me. Also, I became friends with this three people namely, Thomas, John, and Sean because we're in the same villa. My memorable experiences in CIA English Camp was when we rode a banana boat and jet ski it was exciting and challenging water sports that I tried. I experienced the zip line and it was an exciting activity. I didn't forget when we went shopping then I brought earphone. Also, on my first day of class it was my Grammar class and I finished unit 1 to unit 8.I am very proud of myself that I could finished eight units for one day. The things that I learned in CIA English Camp are the following. First, I learned how to communicate with other people using English. Second, I learned to wake up early in the morning to have exercise. Third, I learned how to managed my time. Fourth, l learned lots of vocabulary words. Lastly, I learned how to pronounce the proper pronunciation of the words. Then, I will not join CIA English Camp again because I will be focusing on my middle school examination. I don't like the foods here in the Philippines. Here in CIA, I'm tired because we do many things. Also, I already study English, so no more second time because once is enough.




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