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32th CIA English camp K8018 OH SE HYUN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-21 21:22:50    조회: 1,012회    댓글: 0


I arrived in Cebu, Philippines last December 22, 2018 and I arrived in the evening. I'm so sleepy. They give snacks with Bonus water and bread. When we ate all snacks, we went to Villa 18 to sleep. First, I felt little excited and nervous because it's my first time in CIA. There were so many students and teachers. I feel nervous because in Crown Regency there were so many villas, and that's little hard for me to memorize and hard to study. I'm confused on the villa numbers. Why did you join CIA English Camp? First, my cousin went to CIA English Camp 3rd time. Second, my mom said go and mom said, "English is a Global Language". I want to go to CIA. Finally, I want to go to CIA because CIA is very cool. I joined CIA because my cousins have studied there too. I want to experience studying there. I want to know the culture of the Philippines and I was very curious about the camp. When I arrived at the airport. They talked to me. We talked together and it's very fun. I went to Cebu. They said, "Let's use villa together but there's a bully". I changed villa and we're still friends with the bully. My first memorable experience is during our edge coaster ride because that is so scary, exciting and fun. My second memorable experience is jet ski and banana boat ride. Jet ski is so fast and banana boat also. Finally, my memorable experience is shopping because I like shopping. These are my memorable experiences in CIA Camp. 6. What are the things you've learned in CIA English Camp? In CIA English Camp I learned English, WAGS and LASS. I learned Math and Sports. I also learned that if we don't follow the rules in the camp and do bad things, we are punished. I also learned Zumba. These are the things you've learned in CIA Camp. I still want to join CIA Camp again because CIA made me a smart kid. CIA makes me forget about my Smartphone. Teachers are very kind. These are the reasons why I want to join CIA Camp again.




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