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32th CIA English camp K8020 JANG AH YEONG [1]

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-21 21:38:42    조회: 1,519회    댓글: 1


Hi everyone my name is Alicya. I’m 12 years old. I live in Korea. Today, I'll be sharing my CIA experience. I arrived here in the Philippines last December 22,2018. It was around past midnight that we landed in the airport. I was too tired and I haven't had enough sleep. I had to carry my heavy luggage. Before I came here in CIA, I was told by my parents that they would send me in an English camp in the Philippines. Somehow I feel excited to study in a foreign land. In my first day here in CIA I feel sad and I want to go back home because I miss my family. It’s my first time traveling without my family specially my mom. I will be honest I like to study English but I also have some doubts. I joined CIA English camp to enhance more my English speaking and writing skills. I want my parents to be proud of me. This is also what my parents want for me. They want me to be better in English language. My first friend here in CIA are Christina, Jenny, Stella Grace and Olivia. We stayed in the same villa from the start until the end. We really got along together. Sometimes we sleep late at night just talking. They will always be my friends even we separate ways. I had a lot of memorable experience while I’m staying here in CIA first was when we went shopping. It was my first time going shopping with my friends and it was fun. Second, was the water activity, I really enjoy specially when we went J-Park resort. The place is very nice. I learned a lot here in CIA. I have learnt more in English, more in grammar. I believe I became better a person. I learn to be independent and I made a lot of friends. If I will be joining next camp that I don't know yet. It depends to my parents if they will send me back again here in the camp. All I know is that I am very thankful to all my CIA teachers and Korean staff for all the happy memories. Thank you CIA!




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부동산114 "아파트값 2008년금융위기와 닮은꼴..서울·수도권 하락할 것"

올해 1분기 아파트 가격이 글로벌 금융위기가 발생했던 2008년 ‘강남3구(강남·서초·송파구)’ 하락, 노도강(노원·도봉·강북구) 상승과 닮은 모습이란 분석이 나왔다.   

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