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32th CIA English camp K8025 JEONG SOYUN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-21 21:54:57    조회: 995회    댓글: 0


I arrived in the Philippines on the 23rd of December 2018. The same with the other CIA students we rode an airplane. It was a very sad day. I was so tired because I woke up early and I don't have enough sleep. It was my first time that I am far away from my family but still I am happy that we arrived here in the Philippines safely. My first day in CIA was very tired. I only have three hours of sleep because we arrived here at 1:00 o'clock in the morning and I sleep at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and I wake at 8:00 AM. I'm also nervous in my first day here because I don't know the people here. I only have few friends before so I am sad. The reason why I joined CIA English Camp is that my parents told me to be here. They want me to study English in CIA and joined winter camp and after that they want me to join the summer camp and again the winter camp next time. So, they want me to be here for three times. My first friends were Jenny, Michelle and Jiin. They were my friends because they are so kind to me and also we came here in the Philippines together and we rode the same airplane and we have the same villa. They are my best friends and we are very happy when we do some things together. Then, my most memorable experiences here in CIA is first we rode an Edge Coaster, it was very exciting, scary, and interesting. Second is when me and Michelle rode a zip line. It was very high and very long, so it was very scary but funny and exciting too. My third memorable experience here is that when we do Ice Skating. In the Philippines it is everyday summer so it is very hot. But when we went to SM Seaside and do Ice Skating, I feel like I'm in Korea again. I miss Korea especially my family. The things that I learned here in the Philippines is that I learned more English vocabularies. Also I learned here that I miss my parents so much because in Korea I didn't miss my family. But here I miss them a lot. Then I will be back here in CIA again but my parents want me to be here for three times. So, I will be joining CIA English Camp next time.




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