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32th CIA English camp K8102 OH SEUNG HYEON

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My name is Oh Seung Hyeon, I am 15 years old. I lived in Changyeong, Korea. We flew up from Korea on December 23, 2018 and we arrived in Lapu-lapu, Cebu, Philippines on December 24, 2018. It was a good feeling because we arrived safe and sound. On my first day in CIA, it felt somehow little terrible because of the new environment to live; new people to see and new food to eat. But, as the time goes by. It felt good since I met new friends from the other side of Korea. And also, I felt an excitement inside for the upcoming events that will happen on that day. And excitement that made me unable to sleep early at night. On the other side, I joined in CIA because my parents told me to do so. And I have no choice but to go in CIA and study. Studying was really boring but my mom wanted me to learn more about English. However, it came into my mind that studying was for the best of me. That's why, I was in CIA. And then, in CIA you can't avoid to meet other people and made friends to them. Then I found them. Their names were Victor, Benedict, Chris, Brian, James, Peter, Tony and Jake. They were a good friends of mine and I loved them so much. And then, in CIA, I had a lot of memories that I could look back when I'm older. The memorable experiences that I had in CIA were when we had an activity like sports. When we went swimming and shopping to different malls in Cebu. I bought things in there and I enjoyed a lot. In CIA, I'd learned so many things. I learned how to discipline myself during class except for one time that others. Then, I already had the knowledge about technology as well. If I will give a chance to go back in CIA and study. I will say yes to that because I want to learn a lot about English so that I can achieve my dream to be a policeman. And also, I will go back in CIA because I had fun in there. Someday, I will go back in CIA and my parents will allow me.




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