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32th CIA English camp K8103 CHOI GYEONGBIN

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I arrived here in the Philippines last December 23, 2018. I rode an airplane. My first day in CIA wasn't good because I don't have any friends. I don't like my assign villa. I joined CIA English Camp because of my mom, she wants me to joined CIA. I agree because I want to learned English. I want to experiences to go other country like Philippines. Also, I’m here because of my cousin is here in CIA Camp. My first friends in CIA camp were Patrick, James, Jaden, Kevin and Eric. I met Patrick, James and Kevin because were the same Villa. I met Eric because were the same group. I have so many memorable experiences in CIA camp. First, J-park it was fun because we do swimming. Second, Edge-coaster it was exciting, scary and interesting. Third, J-Mall it was very nice because they have many Korean foods. Fourth, SM Seaside it was very big and we do Ice skating. Lastly, I experienced the zip line and it was an exciting activity. The things that I learned in CIA English Camp on how to wake up early in the morning. I learned how to speak English and communicate using English. I learned how to pronounce the proper pronunciation of words. Also, l learned a lot of words that wasn't familiar for me. I want to join CIA English Camp again because it was fun. They prepared good activities. I can play with my friends. Every Wednesday we go to shopping and bought many things. Also, I like the Philippine foods because it was delicious.




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