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32th CIA English camp K8104 LEE SEUNG YUN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-21 22:05:38    조회: 1,715회    댓글: 0


I arrived in the Philippines on December 24, 2018. It was Monday and the time was 1:00 AM. from the Philippine airport going to the Crown Regency, I rode on the CIA bus. I left to Korea on December 23, 2018. It was a sunny afternoon. On my first day on CIA, I felt mix emotions. I felt happy because I can learn English in CIA camp. Not only happiness but I also felt excited because I will join English camp and I can meet new friends. I felt happiness and excitement as well as sadness because I am not with my family and I already missed them. Coming here in the Philippines was my choice. As well as my mother's choice because she said learning English is good. She told me that it would be a great experience. I also liked to join CIA English Camp but I felt sad. I felt sad because I can't see my parents and they were far from me. Mike was my first friend in CIA camp. We went and joined CIA camp together. I came to the Philippines with him. Mike and I were friends already when we were in Korea. He is a good friend and I felt happy to be with him. I have many memorable experiences in CIA camp. I went to JPark and I swam, rode water slides and play there. I also experienced riding on an Edge Coaster and I really enjoyed it. Shopping was also a memorable experience for me because it was fun and I bought new things for me. I like shopping because I can taste new foods and I have bought present for my family. During the CIA English camp, I learned a lot. I learned to speak and write English well. I learned to fix my own things by myself. I learned to discipline myself too. I also learned to wake up early every day. I like to join CIA English camp again. I want to come again to CIA with my family. I like CIA English camp because I can learn especially correct English. I don't like to come and study to CIA again if I am alone, but I'd like if my family will come too. I also like to join again because CIA teachers are good and activities were very fun and interesting.




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