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32th CIA English camp K66001 LEE WON JUN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 10:43:42    조회: 881회    댓글: 0


I arrived in the Philippines on January 5,2019. I felt so tired on that day because of a long flight. When I already in my room I arranged my things first in my room and after I take a shower. And then, I go to bed because I'm so tired and sleepy. I felt happy because I'm excited to meet the people in CIA camp and also a little bit sad because I'm too far away to my family. And also I felt so nervous because it's my first time studying English. I joined CIA English camp because I want to meet other people. I also want to study English so that I can speak fluently. Just like the other Korean people they can speak English that's why I like to learn English language. The first friend I met here in CIA camp is Ji Hoo. I like him because he is friendly and kind. We used to play because we are in the same villa. Second is Seong Hoan, I like him because he is funny person. He always makes funny jokes with me. I always laugh when I'm with them. They are very funny that's why I like to be with them. My memorable experienced here in CIA camp is shopping because it’s my first time going shopping without my parents and it is fun and exciting. Second, is the zip line because it is also my first time to ride a zip line it is very scary but fun and enjoyable. The things I've learned in CIA English camp is to speak English even though I am not good in English until now but I'm so proud of myself that I learned to speak English language and I can communicate with other people by using English language. Philippines is very far from Korea. And I want to see my family. CIA Camp is very tiring and I can't sleep well at night. But CIA Camp is fun because of the activities and I feel so excited in every activities and also the shopping day.



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