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32th CIA English camp K66002 MUN SUNG HWAN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 10:47:44    조회: 842회    댓글: 0


I arrived in the Philippines last January 6,2019 it was Thursday. The plane departed in Mactan Cebu International airport. I was with my friends during the flight because my family was in Korea. We enjoyed it so much because we were so many even though it was tired. After the takeoff, we went directly to the CIA Camp place where we stayed. During my first day in CIA Camp, I felt so excited of what would be my life become. I was so happy during my first day here even though it was far from my home. I was also tired because we stayed in the airplane for a long time. However, I am sad because I missed my family. I didn't understand what I felt during my first day, it was full of emotions. I joined CIA class because I wanted to learn English well. I wanted also to experience CIA because my friends said it was funny. Another was, I wanted to go other places like Philippines for an experience. I wanted to experience how it feels staying away from my family. Lastly, I wanted to join my friends who studied in CIA. My first friends in CIA were Ji Ho and Won Jun. I just met them here in CIA for the first time. I became friend with Ji Ho because he was so kind to everyone and to me also. He was just like my brother to me and made me feel okay. Another friend of mine was Won Jun, he was like Ji Ho that's why he became my friend also. I had so many memorable experiences, one of them was having a new friend here. I had also eaten snacks which were new to me and were not found in Korea. I enjoy so much playing basketball with the teachers in CIA. Another was going shopping with my friends to different malls and bought different foods and toys. Lastly, I couldn't forget our outings to different spots in Cebu and went swimming with my friends. I had learned many things in CIA, the most important was learning how to talk and write English properly. I had learned Philippine's famous marts and spots and knew where to find them. I also learned some Philippines' languages mostly common language. I also learned to eat Philippines' foods and snacks. And also I learned how to adapt to live other country without my family. I didn't want to join CIA English class again because it was very hard. I felt very tired because I was so busy because there were always class and always study. I didn't want to go back again because my best friends were there in Korea. I also really missed my family and Korea that's why I didn't want to go back again. Most of all I wanted to spend my vacation there in Korea with my

parents and my best friends.



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