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32th CIA English camp K66007 AHN SE HA

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 10:58:54    조회: 1,535회    댓글: 0


I arrived last January 7, 2019 at night. Philippine airport is big and there's many people. When I arrived at the Villa, I fixed my things. I felt shy with my roommates. It's my first time here in Philippines. Philippines is very hot and I can't sleep well. I cried because I missed my family and I don't have friends yet. I felt lonely and sad.  I joined CIA English camp for 2 reasons. First, my mom forces me but she told me that CIA is a nice school. I followed my mom so that she will not get angry. Second, I want to learn English because it's very useful. My first friend in CIA camp was Chloe. She is very kind to me. Me and Chloe stayed in the same Villa that's why she became my first friend. I like Chloe to be my friend because she is fun and interesting. My memorable experience in CIA camp was shopping at SM mall. SM mall is very big and there are many things that you can buy. There's also Miniso store and most of their things was made from Japan. I like things made in Japan. The things I've learned in CIA English camp was my vocab class. I learned to speak english a little. Little because it’s very difficult to study english. But I enjoyed learning English sometimes. I don't want to joined CIA English camp again because it’s so tired. But if my mom told me to joined again, I'll join. I want to learned more English but I don't want to go back here in Philippines.



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