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32th CIA English camp K66008 CHOI JIYUN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 11:02:46    조회: 1,831회    댓글: 0


I arrived from Korea to Philippines on January 7,2019. I am not excited because I am alone. My mom and my dad helped me as I packed my things. I felt happy and fun because I met my new friends here they were very kind and friendly we played together if we had a vacant time. I felt comfortable with them we are close to each other because they are also my Villa mates even if I missed my family but when I am with them my sadness turns into happiness. We were together if we had our shopping. I really enjoyed here in CIA together with my new friends. I joined CIA English camp to study English. Because I want to learned more about English. My parents sent me here because they knew that CIA English camp will help me to improve myself specially to communicate others through using English language. I really thankful to my teachers here because they did their best as they taught me. My first Friend here was Bella she was my Villa mate and she became my best friend. We were enjoying playing together and we helped each other f one of us can't understand especially to our man to man class. I Am happy also because in my two weeks here I have new friends. I felt enjoy the activities that we had. The activities that we had here were all exciting and interesting. The memorable that I experienced here was when we had our zip line activity I really enjoyed it because this game I felt happy and fun. I learned a lot here, especially English and I learned to prepared my things without my mom's help. I learned to slept without out my mom on my side. I learned to be an independent. I can't sleep well here and there are many mosquitoes that bitten me. And I missed my parents I want to be with them. But I felt happy during my stay here in CIA camp because I've met many friends here and the teachers are kind. And this camp helped me to improved my skills in English because I wanted to be fluent in speaking English.



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