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32th CIA English camp K66010 SONG JI WOO

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 11:06:04    조회: 138회    댓글: 0


I start from Korea airport to the Philippines riding an airplane. Traveling 4hours long does it take. And I arrived in the Philippines in Mactan International Airport at 3:15am early in the morning, Month of January 7, 2018. That day is Monday. I feel worried because English is hard. But I tried to study English very well. It is very fun and interesting. I want very much and like this day. Amazing English for now. I Join C.I.A English camp first, I'm so excited to learn English. Second, I'm excited to travel in the Philippines. I learn many things about information and I come here in C.I.A English camp because I studied English .Before I don't like English very much. English is fun and interesting. And I like to meet new people here in C.I.A English camp. My first friend is Yu Sung Juan. Yu Sung Juan is my best friend. The most memorable experiences I had here in C.I.A English camp are in the J Mall, Zip line, SM seaside, SM City, and water sports. And also the most memorable experience I had Here in C.I.A are my man to man class. Because they are kind Teachers. They are very good to teach and fun. So, I learn a lot of many words. Specially, Grammar, Wags and Lass are fun too. I learn grammar a lot of many words. I learn some any information. In the grammar class. I learn more. I like to Join C.I.A camp is fun and interesting. Where I had experience shopping, traveling in such many famous places here in Cebu, Philippines. I like C.I.A English camp.



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