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32th CIA English camp K66011 LIM HAEUN

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 11:07:47    조회: 3,759회    댓글: 0


Me and my brother arrived in the Philippines on January 5. I don't know what time we arrived in the villa. I am excited who will be my roommates and my friends. I feel tired in my travel coming here. I don't know what will happen in the camp. In my first day in CIA camp I feel nervous and scared. I don't know where I will start to make friends. I don't think I will have a friends. I am a shy to come close to my other student. It is hard to speak to others. Because my mother likes English. That's why me and my brother are here in CIA. My mother like us to learn in English. I don't like studying but my mother wants us to learn. My mother says we must learn to speak in English. my first friend is Bomin. She is also my roommate. My second friend is Chloe. she is also my roommate in the villa. They are my close friend in CIA. My memorable experiences are when me and my friends are going shopping together. We have our sports class specially swimming. We also have our activity during Saturday. I meet my new friends. And answering many question during class. I learned in CIA camp is English vocabularies. I know how to speak English a little. I learn to be brave and not to be scared. I also learn Philippine language a little. I learn to be obedient and to follow the rules in CIA. No, because learning in English is very hard. I don't like to answer many questions. I will miss home, my country Korea. I don't like to memorize speech. But I have many friends in CIA camp.



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