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32th CIA English camp K66012 LIM JUNBEOM

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I arrived in the Philippines last January 5. It was Saturday night. That was midnight I think. It was already 12:00. I was very sleepy. I had lots of uneasiness. I felt too awkward and ashamed from the beginning. I wanted to go home. I thought spending 6 weeks in CIA was impossible. I was bored but eventually I got to learned to adjust myself. After the school, my mom called me and we have a conversion that goes like this: Do you want to go to the Philippines to learn English? By then, I thought about it for a very long time before I answered my Mom. And then, I decided to go. Then I realized that decision was a very good choice because I've met Eun. I saw Henry first and we'd talked. And then I've met Charly too. We really had some things in common, so we get along very well. Then Jiung is one of my genuine friends too. All of the were such a good friends of mine. My memorable experience in CIA camp was meeting EUN. We have too many things in common. And we have the same perception about life. I guess, meeting Eun in CIA is destiny. I want to see Eun, always. Eun is my girlfriend. She's a great person. I have learned how to communicate well to other people. Before I came to CIA, I don't have an edge to talk with other people. I have learned how to socialize with others. I've met lots of friends in CIA. I want to join CIA again if my mom will allow me. If she decided to let me join again, I’m very much willing. That's because making friends in CIA was very fun. I enjoyed a lot. All the activities were wonderful.



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