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32th CIA English camp K66101 YANG MIN HYEOK

작성자: CIACAMP님    작성일시: 작성일2019-02-22 11:15:01    조회: 3,131회    댓글: 0


My English name is Charlie. And my Korean name is Yang Min Hyeok. My Family members are my mom, dad, my older brother, younger brother and me. When I was still in Korea, I’m very Excited to go here. And when I arrived here, I’m more excited because finally, I’m her again joining CIA Camp. I arrived here in the Philippines on January 6,2018. When I arrived here, on my first day is very awkward. Because I don’t know where is my Villa, and Who is my Villa mate. After the staff instructed us we go to out assigned Villa. I am so very happy to know what Villa I belonged and also i really like my Villa mates. I am also excited to study English, and I am so very excited to know who are my teachers. The reason why I joined Cebu International Academy Camp again is that I want to learn more in English. Second, my parents motivate me to study English here in the Philippines. Third, I want to have many friends here in CIA. Fourth, I want to eat delicious Philippine foods. Fifth, I’m sure that this camp would be memorable and unforgettable. Just to be honest, I’m joining here in the camp with my older brother and my younger brother they are my first friends here. Second is Henry, I like Henry because I enjoy every moment when I’m with him there is always a great bonding happens for no reason. Third Eddie, he is very helpful to me specially when I left my pencils to the Villa. And Also I have many girl friends who is very good too. My most memorable experience is when we go to shopping. Because there are many foods to buy and also we can go other places too. One place is Sm Market I really love to go there with my family, and it is very cold. Another place is at the beach resort I like to have tan skin too that’s why I really love to swim on Philippine Sea. I want to go back at the beach resort I had so much fun there. There are many things that I’ve learned from CIA first is how to make and deal with new friends. Second, how to manage time. Third, how to communicate my teacher. Fourth, how to value my parents. Fifth and Last, I learned many English words that is very useful to my future. I really want and love to join CIA Camp again because it’s more Fun here. Second, I can make many friends here. Third I can travel many beautiful places here in the Philippines. Fourth, I want to join again and study here in CIA because I want my parents proud of me.

Also I want to go back here for more experiences.




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